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super coolwad.

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16th January 2007

7:07pm: i fell in the snow and hurt my knees. :(

25th November 2006

11:56am: did anyone watch SNL tonight? the skit with Maya Rudolph singing the national anthem was pretty much like the funniest skit they've had in a looong time. it was so totally exactly my sense of humor. funny.
Current Mood: lolley

11th November 2006

7:11am: here's an emo post for you!
my heart is pretty much broken. and i can say i'm pretty sure i've never felt this much sadness in my life.

I miss ricky.
Current Mood: sigh.

1st November 2006

5:14am: my boyfriend is now my ex-boyfriend.
i wonder how long it'll take that to sink it.

ok i think i'll go die now.
Current Mood: crushed
3:01am: so i just dyed my hair. well, it's being dyed as we speak. woohoo!
i'm no longer blonde. well. ok i haven't been BLONDE blonde in like 3 months, but i'm no longer half brown half blonde! i'm all dark brown. i wonder if it'll be cute...

30th October 2006

3:02pm: dear ricky's cousin,

i'd just like to say that while ricky and i were nice enough to give you somewhere to stay while you're visiting portland this week, personally i'm not nice enough to let you bring girls over and have sex with them in the next room. especially when i'm having trouble sleeping! you definitely made it worse. gross.
Current Mood: annoyed

20th October 2006

2:29pm: umm... this is kind of scary.

the first story, that is.
Current Mood: disturbed

13th October 2006

5:17pm: holy moly.
not that very many of you will ever need to go here, but just a warning:

NEVER go to the Consulado de Mexico on 13th and Morrison. imagine the DMV at its busiest, but with more people, in a smaller room. i got lost in a sea of people and couldn't find Ricky for like 30 minutes! it was scary and lonely.

Current Mood: aah!

11th October 2006

9:56am: am i destined to never do well in school, like, ever?!
i want to start this term over and just not be a loser.

27th September 2006

5:53am: i've forgotten what being tired feels like.
ever since i quit school and only worked i've completely forgotten what being REALLY tired is like. that's one good thing working in a sushi bar is for, my shifts were never earlier than 10am.

now i'm up at 5:45 after not being able to sleep until about 1:30 and i'm really, really tired because i worked all day yesterday and was busy until about 11 and then couldn't sleep until 1:30.

ughhhhhh this is why i hate school.
although i'm not gonna have that attitude this term so i'll just say i'm unhappy with school right NOW, but it's my fault for picking early classes.
Current Mood: oh man..

22nd September 2006

11:29am: wow. i'm totally sick. this sucks.

Current Mood: ugh

14th September 2006

11:54pm: it's a good feeling when everything is back to normal and you finally feel excited about the future again.
relationships are stressful sometimes but man are they worth it when they're good.

also i'd just like to mention how much i love my goldfish.
Current Mood: happy

5th September 2006

2:12pm: i just ordered pizza online!!!
Current Mood: woop!

24th August 2006

7:26pm: so i start my new job tomorrow.
i'm so excited. there are SO MANY THINGS that i want to buy, but haven't been able to afford. man oh man. plus, there are 10,000 cute babies there every day and that will make me happy EVERY day.
Current Mood: weeee!

18th August 2006

1:22am: just when you thought your friend catherine couldn't get ANY dumber:

i missed traffic school. it was 4 fucking hours of videos that was going to prevent me from paying a huge fine and I FORGOT. i want to kick myself in the face. i'm so mad! why do i forget everything? being disorganized is the lamest trait ever...
Current Mood: stupd.

4th August 2006

drunk drunk drunk!
Current Mood: drunk

2nd August 2006

5:45pm: i have the best parents ever.. :l
Current Mood: grateful

30th July 2006

2:47am: ok, so, tonight i had my first club experience and it was seriously so. much. fun. am i a skank? maybe.

i'm just glad i have a big booty.
Current Mood: happy

24th July 2006

10:45pm: i know everyone else in portland is whining about the weather, so it's my turn.

it was so hot all day long all i could do was shower in cold water and sleep. i wanted to cry all day. and to make it worse (boys, don't look) i started my period today. i get awful headaches on the first day of my period and they were just made worse by the awesome heat. un... fun.

but it's FINALLY cool in my apartment. thank god for night time. :)
Current Mood: ok.

19th July 2006

1:56am: so my boyfriend decided to start his birthday a few hours early and is currently passed out in a kneeling position in front of our recliner. it can't be comfortable. and y'know, i really don't care.
Current Mood: sleepy

15th July 2006

3:48pm: so i finally got my state tax return, but it doesn't matter because i'm behind on bills. being in debt is the lamest thing ever. so after i pay the minimums on all my bills, i'll have $20 left. enough to get myself a drink at least.

also, there are too many bones in the skull. i don't want to learn all of them.

also, my dogs both got baths today and now the computer room is really stinky.
Current Mood: study study study

9th July 2006

10:38am: i'm really glad my life decided to fall apart yesterday.

8th July 2006

1:46pm: my kitty died today.

rip trevorbaby.

Current Mood: crushed

2nd July 2006

9:41am: good job on having a great birthday, jessica! it was a lot of fun. even if i did feel nauseous when i woke up. that's because i didn't drink water. :( oh well.

1st July 2006

11:01am: ever had that kind of heartbreak that maybe doesn't make sense and seems easily avoidable but still makes you cry every time you think about it?

i'm not ready to deal with this yet.
Current Mood: melancholy
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